What do you think of this?

There’s a post on SMO that really bothered me… Here are the facts as they were presented (keep in mind this is third hand, one-sided information)

  • IM is recovering from surgery
  • Surro is due to give birth shortly
  • IM feels that due to her recovery, and her husband taking care of her, neither will be able to make it to the hospital for the birth
  • IPs are asking the surrogate to “take the baby home for a few days” AND to breastfeed.

Again, this information was posted third hand and I’m sure it was one-sided. We can never really know what the IPs are thinking/feeling/doing (as well as the surrogate). However, if I were in that situation as it’s presented, I have to say someone from MY family would be in that delivery room!

First of all it’s plain old not fair to ask the surrogate to care for the baby after it’s born. She went into this arrangement planning to come home without a baby. Also, what if , g-d forbid, there are complications and someone needs to make medical decisions for the baby; or the surro; or the surro AND the baby…what a nightmare!

I know that we are blessed to have family members and friends that would do anything for us (including traveling to witness our child’s birth and taking guardianship and bringing them home), but even if we didn’t I would find a way for me or DH to get there. Just sayin’…


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