A sad note

A surrogate on SMO developed severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome which made it detrimental for her to complete her pregnancy. The baby was only 22 weeks, 1 day old when she was delivered yesterday. She was stillborn and the surro is still not doing great, but hopefully will start to heal now.

Things like this happen frequently on the board – with so many pregnancies, we are bound to see the good and the bad and the extraordinary (one day I’ll post about the miracle that are Deb’s quads…). But this one really shook me. In May I was privileged to spend 3 days in Atlanta with a group of surros from the board. E (the one who is sick) was one of them. When she arrived she was nervous because she had just found out that she needed blood work before a test that week. She wasn’t sure how to go about it while on vacation. Her biggest concern was getting everything done for the baby. It all got figured out and her test came back fine. So I guess the fact that I know this person IRL makes it more real for me.

Also since we are so close to getting G pregnant, I had to stop and think. This could happen to us; this or a thousand other bad things. I won’t harp on them, I will think of the good things, but every now and then I’ll think “what if?” Like everyone else I’m expecting an easy, uneventful pregnancy.

But what if…?



  1. Ginger Said:

    The situation with E is definitely scary and mostly something that I refuse to think about. I admit that it’s possible…but I just can’t focus on it. I have to play the ostrich on this one because if I worried about all of the what if’s, I’d be terrified to get pregnant; everyone would be terrified to get pregnant and that would be ridiculous. I feel bad for E…but it can’t happen to us…we’re immune. I have to believe that…or I’ll never sleep again. (see my head stuck in the sand?)

    • Jessica Said:

      I know. I will do the same thing. This just hit hard for the reasons I mentioned…

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