I don’t know what to write.

I know I need to be writing more frequently, but really I just don’t know what to write. Ginger has been posting about the follicle checks at the clinic so I don’t need to re-hash that.  Suffice to say everything is going great so far.

I’m just overwhelmed with life and the clinic’s lack of dates just irritates me and adds to my stress. I don’t know if all clinics are like this but basically we don’t know the next time we need to show up until we are at the appointment. Not only does Ginger need to make arrangements for her daughter and transportation, I need to find a babysitter and make sure that my schedule is clear as well. I purposely didn’t schedule a lot of things for this coming week as we knew that the retrieval would be sometime in those 5 days. But I had no idea that we would spend so much time at the clinic and with so little notice.

I know I shouldn’t complain. I should be grateful that it’s all working out so well. But really I’m irritated. It’s my lack of adaptability (is that a word?). In other words, I like to make a plan – with as much notice as possible – and stick to it. I am NOT spontaneous by any stretch of the imagination. You would think with a 17 month old I would be more used to spur of the moment changes. But I’m not.

Anyway I’m just whining. Really everything is going well and hopefully we’ll be pregnant in the next couple weeks.

At least I posted something. Right?


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  1. Baby Maker Said:

    I totally feel you! Our clinic told us dates and times, but we didnt know the transfer time until the morning before so I had to tell the babysitter just to be here first thing in the morning so that she wouldn’t take another job! UGH! Hope things keep trucking along well for you! I got my BFP yesterday, so I am stoked! But dont post it on my blog my IMs dont wanna know until the beta

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