What a day

First, I’m writing/posting before reading Ginger’s post. I saw it out there, but I thought it would be interesting to post my thoughts before my memories were influenced by hers.

Second, I was bummed that I couldn’t get to my orthodontist appointment today because of the timing of the transfer. Luckily I had a sympathetic receptionist when I called this morning,  and I get my braces off TOMORROW. Yea!!!

I picked G up from the train at 10:15. We had plenty of time to get to our 11:30 appointment so we stopped for breakfast. G had to have a full bladder so she kept drinking and I promised that I wouldn’t pee until she could. Although I had a lot less to drink 🙂

We checked in at the clinic and a nurse came out to confirm that we wanted a single embryo transfer. Something in the way she said it (like  “are you sure that’s what you want?) made me a little nervous. I guess I didn’t expect to have to think about it again since we had been clear about that from the beginning. It was already 11:45 and G’s eyes were watering from drinking so much but the nurse said it would be a couple more minutes.

She took us back to the room and went over some paperwork and post-transfer instructions. Interestingly, there were no lifting restrictions on the paper even though they mentioned it previously. I think they are very laid back there. Ginger got herself ready and on the table and Dr Glassner came in (we got lucky that he was on today). He said that the embryos looked “beautiful” and gave us a picture (I’ll attach it if G hasn’t already).

Then he said “with 1 embryo you have a 45% chance of pregnancy.” WHAT? 45%? That’s a failing grade. That’s not even half. That’s way lower than I ‘ve been thinking in my head. “With 2 embryos, you have a 70% chance of pregnancy and a 30% chance of twins.” Aaaggghhh. What to do???? I made a quick decision that without discussing it with Scott I had to stick with our agreed to plan – 1 embryo only. So I stuck to my (our) guns.

Then the coolest thing happened. A little pass-thru door opened in the wall. It opened to the embryo lab and the embryologist was standing on the other side with our embryos right there!!! She verified our names/birthdates and we watched her draw up THE embie into the catheter and hand it to Dr G. So cool!! The transfer was quick and we got an u/s pic of the actual embie in G’s uterus. More coolness!

Then G had to stay on the table for 30 minutes with her over-full bladder. We chatted and watched the clock and finally we both were able to go pee. She refused to use the bed pan the nurse left. Even though I offered to take a picture with it 🙂

That was really all the excitement. I drove G home and we stopped for some lunch and then I came home. So now we wait. I have to rely on the fact that the conditions today (uterus and embryos) could not have been any better. So what happens, happens. Always for a reason.


Ultrasound pic:


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