Another step towards #2

I woke up to a text picture this morning of a digital that said “PREGNANT.” Wow. I pretty much knew it was coming as there were faint positives yesterday but WOW. I will be more excited to see the betas rise and honestly, I won’t feel ‘out of the woods’ until 12+ weeks. But I refuse to NOT be excited because of what could happen. “15 minutes of happiness is better than a lifetime of nothing.” (or something like that!)

I’m blogging while Cass is sitting on the air mattress (her new favorite place to hang out) and watching a Baby Einstein video. It’s completely surreal to think that this time next year, there will be 2 of her (well, maybe her and a him 🙂 ) Since she takes up 90% of my time I wonder how I will give the other baby an additional 90%. The math doesn’t add up. And, selfishly as an oldest child I feel badly that I’ll be taking attention from her. I know it’s in her best interest, but she has a great life right now and who am I to add a baby to that mix? Of course these are moot points as we are PREGNANT and it’s all GOING to happen. She will love her little brother and it’s good for her to learn to share  – things and time.

As a side note, you’ll notice my references to baby brother. I’m going to assume it’s a boy until proven otherwise (worked for the pregnancy!). Of course we would adore another baby girl, but I think it would be amazing to have 1 of each.

Cass has decided Mommy’s blogging time is through. She wants to see the “baby” (pictures of her on the computer) and “Ani” (our baby next door).

So, as the pictures says, we’re PREGNANT. LOL.


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