I’m mad

The nurse at the clinic made sure G had a script for her beta that said “stat” as in IMMEDIATELY. She said “our fax number is on here so they’ll send it right over to us.” Granted, we never said “will you call immediately?” But that was implied, right? It’s just rude to have the results sitting there and not call us. We know it’s positive, so yes, it’s a bit anti-climactic but when DH refuses to tell anyone anything until the DOCTOR says we’re pregnant, that makes it kind of important.

G left a voice mail at the clinic yesterday and I left one today. And we KNOW they are there on the weekends, which makes it even more frustrating. Had I thought about it early enough this morning, I could have driven to the clinic and walked in and asked. Do you think they would have given me the results or escorted me out? I was calm all weekend, but now I’m annoyed. It’s just not right. They KNOW how important this is, they do this all the time. I hope they call G tomorrow instead of me cause I might be let them know how annoyed I am.

Anyway, I guess we’ll have the beta # tomorrow.


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