Believe it or not I think about blogging almost every day. I try and think of interesting topics and sometimes I even start a post only to decide it’s boring and/or I don’t even have a point. I follow numerous blogs and sometimes I wonder why people write about things that no one else really cares about. But then it’s their blog, so they can write anything they want, right?

So now I’m writing what’s been in my head for a couple months now. My family is not complete. I love my daughter more than anything, but it always fees like there’s something missing. I’m always thinking that ‘this time next year there will be another baby (or two)’. I always put things off until our family is complete. Stupid things like getting personalized Christmas stockings. I won’t do it until I can get them all. Isn’t that crazy?

Along those same lines…I always said that I wanted a baby boy. Before Cass was born I hoped and hoped for a boy but anytime I thought into the future I saw a girl. In my heart I always knew she would be a girl. In the same way when I think into the future now I see Cass and twins. Yes, I said it. I believe we will have twins. I don’t know whether to hope I’m right or wrong, it’s just what I feel. We will be thrilled with 1 or 2 healthy babies, but I have a funny feeling…

In any case, we are supposed to transfer the week of 12/14 so by New Year’s we will at least know if we are pregnant or not. Happy New Year to us. And to you 🙂


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  1. Deanna Said:

    I just had to tell you, that I was reading this blog this morning and thought that you were Ginger! I read half of it, thinking “Oh my gosh!” and then had to go back and start over! Thanks for the smile!

    Hoping that this is it for you both! I can not wait to watch another journey unfold!

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