January brings a new start

After our canceled cycle in December, and the proclamation that we needed to find another carrier, we stapled on our happy faces and rode into the holidays… But Scott and I talked about it a lot (we were in the car for about 10 hours). We decided to look into adoption, look into finding another carrier, and possibly just wait and see…

And then we got upstate to celebrate with Scott’s extended family. M and his wife, K, are Scott’s cousins that we have always enjoyed spending time with. They have 3 kids (6, 4 and 1) and live in Virginia.  We had a great time with them for 4 days and the kids played together and got along really well. The night before we came home,  K offered to carry for us.

We were (are) thrilled, but I wanted to make sure that they understood how extensive this process is. So once we got home I started sending lots of information their way. So far, I haven’t scared them off… We’ve spent the last few weeks gathering information and contacting clinics, attorneys, etc.

We are going to continue to use Main Line Fertility here in PA for a bunch of reasons, but the biggest is that’s where our 5 frozen embryos are. K’s appointment for screening is in a few weeks and, assuming we all pass the psych eval  , we will begin cycling in March. Probably a late march, or early April transfer (although I’ve never guessed the timing right!).

Hopefully K will come on and introduce herself and share her thoughts about this whole crazy process!

On another note, plans are underway for this year’s National SMO GTG here in Philly. Right now we have about 30 people planning to come play with us! It should be fun!


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