I am very new to Surrogacy but am very excited about this! M and I tossed around the idea a few years ago about offering to assist Scott and Jessica, but were unsure if we were done having our own children. Then we ended up pregnant with our third, and Cassidy was born (they are 3 mo apart).  It was still in the back of my mind, and then I got an email from Jessica in December saying that they had to figure out their next step, and would possibly be seeking a new carrier. I knew immediately that I wanted to help. So M and I talked about it on our way to see the family (we too were in the car for a LONG time, 20 hours) and he said he was fine with it if I was sure it was something I wanted to do. So I finally got a chance to talk to Jessica about it and here we are!!

She has been so great at informing me of EVERYTHING in this process, as I am clueless about it all! We go in a few weeks for the physical evaluation, etc,  and then hope to be moving on to the next phase. I have had 3 uneventful and easy pregnancies and hope my luck in this department will continue! I want nothing more than to help Scott and Jessica complete their family.



  1. Ginger Said:

    Welcome to the blog! Good luck in the cycle!

    • Kylene Said:

      thank you ginger! i have been learning A LOT over the past few weeks. 🙂

  2. happymamab Said:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of surrogacy! I am a first time surrogate, transferred last Wednesday. I have written about my experience thus far in detail from the initial exams through the transfer. I had NO idea what I was getting into but found reading others’ stories so helpful! Best wishes for a successful journey!

    • Kylene Said:

      thank you so much, i looked at your blog and will check back often. i also like to read other peoples stories, and get a “timeline’ in my mind for what to expect. i have to say, the picutre of the progesterone shot is slightly overwhelming!! i also have a 20 mo, and 4 year old. and my oldest is 5. i plan on telling them the same thing as you told your daughter about what is happening. again, thanks for your support. and i hope the transfer was a success.

  3. Kari Said:

    Your doing a wonderful thing! I am an SMO “friend” and have this blog in my favorites but hadn’t checked it in a while. I am so glad I checked tonight!!! Welcome to the surrogacy world I hope you love it as much as I have!!
    Good luck to everyone!!
    Kajewell from SMO

    • Kylene Said:

      thank you!!!

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