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Good news all around!

We went to the clinic yesterday for blood, consult, u/s, the usual. Everything looks great and we are cleared for takeoff! Kylene’s husband even managed to pass the psych screening!!! (Love you Matt!) Not only are we ready to go, it looks like Kylene will be doing a natural cycle with no shots! Can you believe it? Glassner said all meds she needs are available at the neighborhood drugstore. My wallet is loving this! So now we are waiting for 1 complete cycle to “flush everything out” – Dr. G’s words – and then we will start on CD1 of the next cycle. Transfer could be any time from early to late April (best guess). Looks like it could be a holiday baby (or 2 :))


One more time

Anyone who hasn’t been under a rock for the past couple weeks knows that we really did get a lot of snow. Twice. Kylene and her family couldn’t get up here – they couldn’t even get out of their house – so we had to reschedule. We were all very disappointed, but we got over it and now our appointments are┬ánext Monday. I don’t think I have anything else to add…I will really get excited when K & M are here. Too much can happen between now and then (we are supposed to get more snow tonight!).

Don’t forget to look here for all the info about the SMO National GTG in May.

Snow sucks!

We have our screening appointments on Monday. I was so excited; not only to get started but also to spend time with Kylene and her family. We were going to hang out and let the kids play and have birthday cake (Happy birthday Kylene!).

And now it’s snowing. Really, really snowing in VA and MD and PA. All the states Kylene and her family would have to drive through. And it doesn’t look good for Monday. I’m so disappointed.

I sent an email to the clinic and as I expected they don’t care either way. They squeezed us in for Monday anyway, so they are happy to reschedule us whenever it works. I just wanted to start and I wanted to see everyone and I am sooo whiny right now!

MAYBE it won’t be as bad as they are saying. MAYBE it will all miraculously melt and disappear by Sunday morning. MAYBE everything will on as planned. Stay tuned… (and do a ‘stop snowing’ dance please!)