Snow sucks!

We have our screening appointments on Monday. I was so excited; not only to get started but also to spend time with Kylene and her family. We were going to hang out and let the kids play and have birthday cake (Happy birthday Kylene!).

And now it’s snowing. Really, really snowing in VA and MD and PA. All the states Kylene and her family would have to drive through. And it doesn’t look good for Monday. I’m so disappointed.

I sent an email to the clinic and as I expected they don’t care either way. They squeezed us in for Monday anyway, so they are happy to reschedule us whenever it works. I just wanted to start and I wanted to see everyone and I am sooo whiny right now!

MAYBE it won’t be as bad as they are saying. MAYBE it will all miraculously melt and disappear by Sunday morning. MAYBE everything will on as planned. Stay tuned… (and do a ‘stop snowing’ dance please!)


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  1. Kylene Said:

    we are so disappointed too… has been snowing all day, and they are saying the worst is coming while we sleep tonight. stinks. what terrible timing. and i LOVE CAKE. hate to miss that too! thanks for thinking of my birthday, even if we won’t be there to eat it. 😦

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