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Ho hum…

So we wait…and we wait… I know that in a year from now I’m going to marvel about how fast everything went, but right now it’s like watching paint dry (and I’ve been doing that also, so I know!)

There are times when I’m so excited that this is definitely going to work, but then I get a little gun shy and don’t want to get my hopes up too much. I was just so sure with that first transfer last August and the early BFPs… that was such a disappointment. And then of course the December Debacle (as I like to call it) well, you really can’t have much more shock and disappointment than that.

Anyway, I just want to stay positive and be optimistic but also realize it doesn’t always work out the way I want it to. You’d think I would know that by now…

I guess I’m just getting nervous as time goes on.



CD1 was on Friday. Kylene called the clinic in the afternoon and they had already left for the day. This morning Kristin (nurse) called back and said since this cycle was 35 days we have to wait ANOTHER cycle. WHAT? That was never mentioned as an option. I called back to question this decision and was told that if the next cycle is 35 days they will assume that Kylene’s ‘normal’ and base everything on that. Aaaggghhh!! I just want to scream. Why didn’t they ever tell us that if the cycle was longer than x days we would have to wait for one more? At least then we wouldn’t have been so shocked. I just hate making plans and then scrapping them and starting over.

Kristin also mentioned Kylene would need PIO. Dr. Glassner was very clear that Kylene would NOT have to do any shots. So I questioned that as well. Apparently he’s just being nice to Kylene, but the nurses were surprised. They did call Kylene back to say “no PIO.” We really need to keep on top of everything!

Here’s the good news: Kylene will be home for her oldest son’s birthday (we were thinking transfer would be right around then). And now we won’t be due right around Christmas, it will be more like late January. See, I’m finding the silver lining. My surro-buddies are sending Kylene all kinds of meds so we won’t need to buy hardly anything at all (thanks – you know who you are!).

We are both so anxious to start. Kylene feels badly that her cycles are long and I feel badly that her family is having to wait through this with us…ugh. Of course neither of us can control any of it, but that doesn’t change the anxiety!

I’m getting excited for the SMO national GTG. Lots of great people, food, fun, and no traveling for me 🙂