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I talked to Dr G yesterday. He assured me there was nothing they could have done to salvage May’s cycle. ย And he was very confident about June. ย K starts Lupron tomorrow…a fully medicated cycle. It’s a lot easier to monitor, schedule, etc when they are controlling K’s cycle with meds.

So I’m jumping on the ‘positive’ train. From here on out it’s all good. June’s cycle will be medicated, scheduled, and successful!! Amen ๐Ÿ˜‰



Of course, not really. The RE decided to cancel our cycle today. Apparently they weren’t happy with K’s levels and that she hasn’t ovulated yet. I will be calling Monday morning to find out why they didn’t decide that last week when they knew they weren’t seeing the results they wanted/expected. We are all very disappointed and honestly, I’m starting to question whether this is meant to be. I’ve never experienced so many setbacks with any other situation. I understand that it’s par for the infertility course, but it just seems like the things that set us back are so random, or silly, or unlike the setbacks that I’m used to hearing about. I like to be different from the crowd, but this is ridiculous.

We are supposed to start a fully medicated cycle in June. The nurse assured me that barring “anything really crazy” we will transfer in June. I told her to forgive me if I didn’t believe her. Be back around June 4.


was our first due date. (I remember cause it’s my niece’s birthday!) If the transfer last August would have worked, we would be bringing home a baby this week (in theory). That would be great and yet there are some things that are better this way. Cass will be older (I always said I wanted her to be 3!) and some other logistics that just make me more comfortable now… I know that everything happens for a reason and so I have to concentrate on what is rather than what could have been.

So here’s what IS: Kylene went for monitoring Thursday and Monday. Both days they said “nothing yet…” so she goes back this Thursday and then possibly again Monday. Transfer won’t be until next week. When we first started talking about the Memorial Day GTG neither of us ever thought it would coincide with transfer! I think it’s funny that as each day goes by our due date gets closer to K’s birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully we’ll know more on Thursday.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow

Yea, I sing. Anything that’s in my head usually and loudly and in public. Scott hates it… but I digress.

TOMORROW is K’s first lining check and baseline blood work. I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since our screening. We never thought it would take this long, but I guess that’s always the way. K is using a local monitoring clinic. People do it all the time and it’s fine, but I am praying that all the paperwork is right and the clinics talk to each other and all the results get to our clinic in time. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon we’ll have a better idea of when transfer will be. Whew, deep breaths….

I love pineapple!!

And french fries too!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously though, I am so glad to FINALLY be moving forward. I am trying not to think too much about the “what if’s” and just take things one step/appointment at a time.ย  I hope we do not have anymore set backs, and that all goes smoothly and as planned. Is that asking for too much?? I hope not. ๐Ÿ™‚

It is strange how many people have asked me lately if Matt and I are going to have another baby. We keep saying “no”.ย  I guess we will have a lot of explaining to do in a few months!!

Did a 180

So I went from not thinking about this cycle to obsessing about it. I have memorized the calendar for May (ask me anything!) and I’ve estimated when the beta, u/s, heartbeat u/s will be. I’m probably not even close, but at least I have something to look at.

I’ve been online looking for IVF tips and tricks…isn’t there something about french fries and pineapple? I know there are posts on SMO, but I don’t have the patience to search for them right now. Maybe I’ll start one next week.

I have HPTs and a couple other little things for K (I know you’re reading!) and I’ll get lots of good ‘bedrest food’ for when she’s here – I’m allowed to eat it too, right?

One. More. Time.

We are at CD 1 again. ย I’m trying to be excited but I keep thinking something’s going to push us back again. I know it’s not that bad, it just seems like we keep getting blindsided and I don’t want to be caught off guard again. So how do I balance the excitement with being realistic so I’m not disappointed again? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Current schedule: u/s and blood next Thursday or Friday (5/13 or 14). Probably puts transfer around 5/20 or 21; beta around 6/1; u/s around 6/10…due date approx. 2/4/11.

We shall see…