was our first due date. (I remember cause it’s my niece’s birthday!) If the transfer last August would have worked, we would be bringing home a baby this week (in theory). That would be great and yet there are some things that are better this way. Cass will be older (I always said I wanted her to be 3!) and some other logistics that just make me more comfortable now… I know that everything happens for a reason and so I have to concentrate on what is rather than what could have been.

So here’s what IS: Kylene went for monitoring Thursday and Monday. Both days they said “nothing yet…” so she goes back this Thursday and then possibly again Monday. Transfer won’t be until next week. When we first started talking about the Memorial Day GTG neither of us ever thought it would coincide with transfer! I think it’s funny that as each day goes by our due date gets closer to K’s birthday 🙂

Hopefully we’ll know more on Thursday.


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