Of course, not really. The RE decided to cancel our cycle today. Apparently they weren’t happy with K’s levels and that she hasn’t ovulated yet. I will be calling Monday morning to find out why they didn’t decide that last week when they knew they weren’t seeing the results they wanted/expected. We are all very disappointed and honestly, I’m starting to question whether this is meant to be. I’ve never experienced so many setbacks with any other situation. I understand that it’s par for the infertility course, but it just seems like the things that set us back are so random, or silly, or unlike the setbacks that I’m used to hearing about. I like to be different from the crowd, but this is ridiculous.

We are supposed to start a fully medicated cycle in June. The nurse assured me that barring “anything really crazy” we will transfer in June. I told her to forgive me if I didn’t believe her. Be back around June 4.


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