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testing, testing….

First of all, the transfer went GREAT. I was a little nervous that something wouldn’t be right, having heard a few horror stories.. But it was all “perfect” and “textbook” so now it’s WAIT WAIT WAIT. We went to lunch after, then I got treated to my FIRST pedicure and manicure!!!! πŸ™‚ Spent the rest of the day relaxing (or at least trying to).

Going to start “serious testing” tomorrow.Β  And don’t worry Jess,Β  I have to do a target run so I’ll grab a ton more tests to make sure I have plenty. πŸ™‚

I have been doing the lovely PIO injections for about 11 days now. The first week was great, no problems or pain. Then starting monday evening, my hip muscles hurt so bad I could hardly walk up stairs or sit down. Now I have two large “knots” on both butt cheeks (thankfully only visible to me!!).Β  I am going to try injecting higher up and see what happens.Β  Anyway, whatever the case, I can deal with this “minor” inconvenience for the sake of a baby!! And my pain tolerance is pretty high so I should be able to manage. My 2 year old is so used to watching me do them, this morning she pulled my pants down for me before I was even ready to start!! Too funny. πŸ™‚

Going tomorrow for bloodwork to test progesterone and estrogen levels.

Will the 8th EVER get here????????????????????????????????????


The waiting is killing me

I never paid much attention to the “two week wait” cause it wasn’t my wait! During our first cycle, G was testing out the trigger so we had something to do at least. Then she got a fairly early bfp on a digital so we had that to hold onto. Granted the rest of that cycle went to h3ll, but still the waiting wasn’t like this.

This is just plain old waiting. Nothing to do, nothing to test out, no point testing yet… K only has about 8 tests. Maybe I should have bought more. Maybe I should send some so that she feels free to test all the time (K???). Still it’s either + or – and no point wasting tests when we’re only 6dp3dt, right? But tomorrow is 7dp3dt. Hmm.

Perfect day

So I was more nervous than K was…mostly because the last time I was in the transfer room it was a disaster. I was not convinced this was going to happen. I even tried to pay after transfer so I didn’t have to go through getting a refund again (the receptionist was having none of that).

We got there early and waiting was terrible. K had a full bladder (always fun!) and I was anxious as hell! We finally went back with Anne (awesome transfer nurse!) and got things started. When Dr G came in and started with “how the fuck are ya?” I started to feel better about everything.

K’s lining “couldn’t be better.” The embryos were “perfect” and the transfer was “textbook.” Dr G had a ‘really good feeling’ about everything. Β And his recently deceased dog’s birthday was today so could I name the baby “Mocha?” Suuuure….

There was not a glitch and it was all PERFECT. I guess that makes up for the past 2 crazy days!

And now we wait…. Beta is 7/8


Figured it was time for an update from me! Tonight was my last Lupron shot, I have gotten so used to doing them will be strange to stop. I also had to change my patches today and it was much easier this time, thanks to the shower/baby oil method (thanks SMO ladies πŸ™‚ ) . Starting the PIO shots Tuesday morning so we will see how that goes….. then my mother-in-law is picking me up Wednesday afternoon and taking me to the train station headed for PHILLY!!Β  Transfer is sometime Thursday. It has been a long 5 months for me, but I am sure it has felt even longer for Jessica.Β  Hope to have some good news in a few weeks.

Woohoo – we have a date!

Yesterday afternoon Kristin (our favorite nurse) called with good news. K’s levels are all good and we are going to transfer next Thursday, 6/24 – happy birthday to me!! It’s amazing to FINALLY have a date to put on the calendar. We can actually make travel arrangements and other plans!! It’s just such a relief to not be guessing about what’s going to happen…

It’s going to be a long, fun weekend as Kylene and her family are joining us in Baltimore for some family stuff (planned months ago). We NEVER thought transfer would be this weekend, but I guess it all works out.

So, one major hurdle down…13 million to go πŸ™‚

Please let this work. Please let this work. Please let this work.

All of a sudden…

…I’m really nervous. Tomorrow morning is K’s monitoring appointment and it HAS to be good. Everything has to be just as it should be. Hopefully, after the results come in tomorrow afternoon we’ll have a date for the transfer. So maybe in the next 24 hours we’ll know something. This is the closest we’ve been and it’s making my stomach hurt (ok, so my stomach’s been hurting for weeks now but I’m choosing to blame this today). I have to find something else to obsess about.

So far, so good

At the last possible minute (yesterday at 5pm), Kylene got her period!!! I paged the IVF nurse (who I love, btw) to get all the med instructions, etc. And we are currently set for transfer somewhere before 6/25. Monitor appt next week…

I do have to give props to parsley tea though. I read about it online; Kylene took the plunge and drank 2 cups and 22 hours later, voila! I should be a spokesperson πŸ™‚

Hopefully we’ll have a transfer date next week and we can make REAL PLANS instead of the hypothetical ones we’ve been living with all this time.

Positive train is still chugging along!

Wow am I antsy

This is crazy! Talk about being out of control… The clinic had K trigger with HcG on 5/21, and said she would get her period on 6/4. Well that has come and gone and here we are. They are sending K for monitoring tomorrow just to see how close she is. And Kristin (NC) assured me that they could double up the patches and pills and get her E2 up in time for transfer. The last day the clinic will transfer in June is 6/25. If we are not ready by then we get pushed to July. I can’t even believe that’s a possibility.

Not in a million years did I realize how stressful this would be for both of us (not to mention our husbands!). There is just no way to foresee all the crazy sh!t that can go wrong! Not my idea of fun 😦