Wow am I antsy

This is crazy! Talk about being out of control… The clinic had K trigger with HcG on 5/21, and said she would get her period on 6/4. Well that has come and gone and here we are. They are sending K for monitoring tomorrow just to see how close she is. And Kristin (NC) assured me that they could double up the patches and pills and get her E2 up in time for transfer. The last day the clinic will transfer in June is 6/25. If we are not ready by then we get pushed to July. I can’t even believe that’s a possibility.

Not in a million years did I realize how stressful this would be for both of us (not to mention our husbands!). There is just no way to foresee all the crazy sh!t that can go wrong! Not my idea of fun đŸ˜¦


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