So far, so good

At the last possible minute (yesterday at 5pm), Kylene got her period!!! I paged the IVF nurse (who I love, btw) to get all the med instructions, etc. And we are currently set for transfer somewhere before 6/25. Monitor appt next week…

I do have to give props to parsley tea though. I read about it online; Kylene took the plunge and drank 2 cups and 22 hours later, voila! I should be a spokesperson 🙂

Hopefully we’ll have a transfer date next week and we can make REAL PLANS instead of the hypothetical ones we’ve been living with all this time.

Positive train is still chugging along!



  1. Tanyia Said:

    Awesome news!!!!! Keep us posted!

  2. Tanyia Said:

    And who knew about parsley tea….. interesting!!

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