Perfect day

So I was more nervous than K was…mostly because the last time I was in the transfer room it was a disaster. I was not convinced this was going to happen. I even tried to pay after transfer so I didn’t have to go through getting a refund again (the receptionist was having none of that).

We got there early and waiting was terrible. K had a full bladder (always fun!) and I was anxious as hell! We finally went back with Anne (awesome transfer nurse!) and got things started. When Dr G came in and started with “how the fuck are ya?” I started to feel better about everything.

K’s lining “couldn’t be better.” The embryos were “perfect” and the transfer was “textbook.” Dr G had a ‘really good feeling’ about everything.  And his recently deceased dog’s birthday was today so could I name the baby “Mocha?” Suuuure….

There was not a glitch and it was all PERFECT. I guess that makes up for the past 2 crazy days!

And now we wait…. Beta is 7/8


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