testing, testing….

First of all, the transfer went GREAT. I was a little nervous that something wouldn’t be right, having heard a few horror stories.. But it was all “perfect” and “textbook” so now it’s WAIT WAIT WAIT. We went to lunch after, then I got treated to my FIRST pedicure and manicure!!!! 🙂 Spent the rest of the day relaxing (or at least trying to).

Going to start “serious testing” tomorrow.  And don’t worry Jess,  I have to do a target run so I’ll grab a ton more tests to make sure I have plenty. 🙂

I have been doing the lovely PIO injections for about 11 days now. The first week was great, no problems or pain. Then starting monday evening, my hip muscles hurt so bad I could hardly walk up stairs or sit down. Now I have two large “knots” on both butt cheeks (thankfully only visible to me!!).  I am going to try injecting higher up and see what happens.  Anyway, whatever the case, I can deal with this “minor” inconvenience for the sake of a baby!! And my pain tolerance is pretty high so I should be able to manage. My 2 year old is so used to watching me do them, this morning she pulled my pants down for me before I was even ready to start!! Too funny. 🙂

Going tomorrow for bloodwork to test progesterone and estrogen levels.

Will the 8th EVER get here????????????????????????????????????


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