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Mid week check in

So we’ve lived with our new reality (we have 3 children!) for almost a week now…and it’s starting to sink in. Besides a couple minor “oh my g-d, how are we doing to do this?” freak outs, all’s well!

We finally heard back from the clinic today (after 2 requests) and they are switching K from PIO to Prometrium. No more shots! Hooray! K has been such a trooper about them but I know she was really sore. I’ll be going back to VA Sunday evening for a Monday morning u/s. It should be our last before we are released to the OB.

For the record, our beta at 29dp3dt was 41,023. Not sure what, if anything, that means…

Cassidy and I are meeting a longtime SMO friend tomorrow morning. I can’t wait!


2nd Ultrasound

Our second ultrasound was yesterday afternoon. Morning is definitely better for these things, by the way! I was pretty good until about 30 minutes before the appointment when my stomach started flipping. Anyway, we definitely have twins. We were 6w4d yesterday: Baby A measured 6w6d and Baby B measured 6w1d. One’s a little ahead and one’s a little behind, but I think they are both within normal range. The doctor, however, is still being cautious. He ‘can’t guarantee Baby B will progress.’ But he really can’t *guarantee* that Baby A will progress either so what’s the difference? Anyway, it’s twins. Granted, it’s still early and a lot of bad stuff can happen…but I can’t think about that. It’s twins. We are having twins and we are happy about it! We have to be because it’s reality!

It was funny as soon as the doctor said “there are 2 heartbeats” Kylene and I both looked at each other and said “sorry.” Neither of us preferred this, but we will take what we got! How does it go? You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. Personally, I tend to throw fits, but this really doesn’t warrant one so I’ll refrain!

Next ultrasound is Monday, August 2 and then we go to the OB. I just wish Main Line was more attentive at this point. It seems like once you’re pregnant they don’t really give a sh!t anymore! I’ll get the information I need from them and then we’ll just deal with the OB.

In case you forgot already, it’s TWINS. 🙂


It’s really Jess

Not sure how this will show up since I’m logged in as Kylene. I’m here in VA again for our 2nd ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. I’m not nearly as nervous this time since I know there’s at least 1 healthy bean baking!

Had an interesting conversation with Glassner’s nurse today. She asked *me* what bloods I wanted done tomorrow. Um, aren’t you the one that’s monitoring us? Shouldn’t you know which bloods we need to monitor? Wow, that was frustrating!

Nothing else is really new. K was complaining that her pants were tight.  I hope it wasn’t rude that I cheered 😉

It’s Official!!

After a lot of waiting, waiting, waiting……….we FINALLY had the first ultrasound. I am still not feeling any “pregnancy” signs yet but I’m not worried since I never had any major issues with my kids.  And my husband would defiantly add MOODY to the sweating and sleepy list. 🙂 He says the meds are making me crazy, I’m not so sure about that. Looking forward to hearing results of my bloodwork so I will know if anything needs to be adjusted.  I am also looking forward to moving on to the “regular pregnancy” phase and not having to worry about pills, patches, and injections every day. Oh, and exercising again!! Looking forward to that too. I need to be able to move a little so I don’t feel so lazy and bloated!! 🙂

Next ultrasound in a week to see heartbeat and what’s going on with smaller sac…… (I noticed the TWIN heading on the ultrasound pic too…how did I miss that yesterday??!!!)

Ultrasound (and accompanying craziness)

First let me say I’m sure trains are wonderful for some people. I’m sure there are people who like not having to drive and just sitting back for 5 hours and arriving at their destination. Apparently, I am not one of those people. Although it was enlightening to read FB and SMO for 5 hours on the train, I would rather be driving. Coming and going as I please on my own schedule instead of Amtrak’s. Which, by the way, is NEVER on time! Both trains were about 45 minutes late. And they are not conveniently scheduled, either.

Anyway, I had a great time with Kylene and the kids. We had our ultrasound this morning and the good news is there is at least 1 healthy bean growing (NN: Mocha). The not-as-good news is that the 2nd sac looks significantly smaller and may not make it. We won’t know until next week. By then it should have a heartbeat (NN if it “sticks” around: Caramel).

1st ultrasound 7/16/10

Unfortunately, if #2 does start to “resolve” K could have bleeding ranging from occasional brown spotting to full fledged looks-like-a-miscarriage bleeding. In either case we’ll have to get scheduled for a stat u/s and make sure that Mocha is ok. Other than that, no complications. K feels good – a little tired and sweaty (sorry, couldn’t help it!) but no other symptoms.

On a side note, I sat next to a college freshman going home from orientation tonight. It made me remember my college orientation – I actually remember it quite vividly. She was a really sweet girl, a twin, and versed in biology and embryos/fetuses. What are the odds? And what are the odds that she knows a surro friend’s family who lives in Baltimore.  Crazy stuff I tell you!


439. Our beta at 14dp3dt is 439. Did everyone hear me? 439

From the texts and FB messages I was getting today, you would have thought I knew the number at noon and was keeping it a secret from everyone! I love that everyone was so excited and interested to hear the big number, but I promised to post as soon as I knew, and I did! I even called the clinic to see what was taking so long. They didn’t have the results from the monitoring clinic yet, but had already called looking for it.

Anyway, now I have 8 days to speculate on whether there are 1 or 2 baking… We won’t know until the ultrasound next Friday. And even then, it’s early folks. A lot can happen between now and March. I know I should be optimistic and have faith that if there are 2 there next week, we are having twins. But honestly, I’ve seen too many twin pregnancies spontaneously reduce to go buy 2 cribs just yet… It’s a nasty side effect of being on the boards…so many bad things can happen. I will be happy no matter how many there are and in another 6-10 weeks I can start to relax.

K is feeling good. I really wanted to hear about some nausea or something else to reassure me that she’s pregnant, but she refuses to puke 😉 I can’t wait to see her and her family next week for the u/s.

T minus 24 hours-ish

Beta is tomorrow. I can’t even guess what the number will be. I’m going to check out the beta threads on SMO so that I know what we’re dealing with as soon as the number comes in.

I will admit it: I’m really ok with twins. Everyone thinks it’s funny to threaten that there will be 2, but honestly, it wouldn’t bother me. Ok, it would bother me but only in the sense that I won’t sleep for 9-12 months. AND I don’t want K to have problems during pregnancy (although I’m sure she could handle twins no problem!) Other than that I’m fine with it. UNLESS it’s 2 girls. Then I’m not fine with it. Three girls would send this house into whine central and I couldn’t deal. I would have to move out. I know I’m jinxing myself, but really a girl and a boy would be ideal. Of course 1 healthy baby is the ideal…you get the picture.

Ugh. I just want the stupid ultrasound already. I don’t even really care about the beta. It just tells us that there’s a healthy pregnancy (which we know!!). The u/s tells us how many are baking. That’s another 8 days away (probably 9).

Off to stalk beta numbers.


Which can stand for many things, but in this case stands for Big Fat Positive! (Yes, it’s blue for a reason)

Yesterday morning at 7dp3dt Kylene saw a faint line. Took a pic and the SMO girls verified it was there. Again this morning, definitely 2 lines. Then, on the advice of our wise and wonderful friend she took a digital. And poof, “Pregnant”.  Nothing like seeing that word I tell ya!! I will post the pic as soon as I am back at my home computer. But trust me, it’s there!!

Now we had BFPs with G’s first cycle last Aug/Sept and then a decent beta and then the m/c, so I’m still a little wary but at least we are going in the right direction.

Also, K’s Estrogen and Progesterone numbers were “excellent” yesterday, no med changes. I did ask for an early beta and was denied. Oh well. Beta next Thursday. Less than a week to go!

ETA: pics of HPTs