T minus 24 hours-ish

Beta is tomorrow. I can’t even guess what the number will be. I’m going to check out the beta threads on SMO so that I know what we’re dealing with as soon as the number comes in.

I will admit it: I’m really ok with twins. Everyone thinks it’s funny to threaten that there will be 2, but honestly, it wouldn’t bother me. Ok, it would bother me but only in the sense that I won’t sleep for 9-12 months. AND I don’t want K to have problems during pregnancy (although I’m sure she could handle twins no problem!) Other than that I’m fine with it. UNLESS it’s 2 girls. Then I’m not fine with it. Three girls would send this house into whine central and I couldn’t deal. I would have to move out. I know I’m jinxing myself, but really a girl and a boy would be ideal. Of course 1 healthy baby is the ideal…you get the picture.

Ugh. I just want the stupid ultrasound already. I don’t even really care about the beta. It just tells us that there’s a healthy pregnancy (which we know!!). The u/s tells us how many are baking. That’s another 8 days away (probably 9).

Off to stalk beta numbers.


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