439. Our beta at 14dp3dt is 439. Did everyone hear me? 439

From the texts and FB messages I was getting today, you would have thought I knew the number at noon and was keeping it a secret from everyone! I love that everyone was so excited and interested to hear the big number, but I promised to post as soon as I knew, and I did! I even called the clinic to see what was taking so long. They didn’t have the results from the monitoring clinic yet, but had already called looking for it.

Anyway, now I have 8 days to speculate on whether there are 1 or 2 baking… We won’t know until the ultrasound next Friday. And even then, it’s early folks. A lot can happen between now and March. I know I should be optimistic and have faith that if there are 2 there next week, we are having twins. But honestly, I’ve seen too many twin pregnancies spontaneously reduce to go buy 2 cribs just yet… It’s a nasty side effect of being on the boards…so many bad things can happen. I will be happy no matter how many there are and in another 6-10 weeks I can start to relax.

K is feeling good. I really wanted to hear about some nausea or something else to reassure me that she’s pregnant, but she refuses to puke 😉 I can’t wait to see her and her family next week for the u/s.


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