2nd Ultrasound

Our second ultrasound was yesterday afternoon. Morning is definitely better for these things, by the way! I was pretty good until about 30 minutes before the appointment when my stomach started flipping. Anyway, we definitely have twins. We were 6w4d yesterday: Baby A measured 6w6d and Baby B measured 6w1d. One’s a little ahead and one’s a little behind, but I think they are both within normal range. The doctor, however, is still being cautious. He ‘can’t guarantee Baby B will progress.’ But he really can’t *guarantee* that Baby A will progress either so what’s the difference? Anyway, it’s twins. Granted, it’s still early and a lot of bad stuff can happen…but I can’t think about that. It’s twins. We are having twins and we are happy about it! We have to be because it’s reality!

It was funny as soon as the doctor said “there are 2 heartbeats” Kylene and I both looked at each other and said “sorry.” Neither of us preferred this, but we will take what we got! How does it go? You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. Personally, I tend to throw fits, but this really doesn’t warrant one so I’ll refrain!

Next ultrasound is Monday, August 2 and then we go to the OB. I just wish Main Line was more attentive at this point. It seems like once you’re pregnant they don’t really give a sh!t anymore! I’ll get the information I need from them and then we’ll just deal with the OB.

In case you forgot already, it’s TWINS. 🙂



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