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I am in shock I think. 12 weeks is such a milestone. There are so many ‘superstitions’ that don’t let you tell anyone you’re pregnant until after 3 months / 12 weeks / 1st trimester. And we are actually here! I am not naive enough to think that nothing bad can happen, but the odds are definitely in our favor from here on out. Scott had originally told me that he would start discussing names with me after 12 weeks. Of course last night he told me he meant 12 months, but whatever 🙂

I am more and more convinced we will find out the genders at our NT scan on Wednesday. I know it may not happen, but it’s exciting to think that before the end of this week we will know what we’re having! I will wait a while to get into the name conversation with Scott because I know he’s going to kill my naming excitement by hating everything I like (he thinks it’s funny). He takes every girl name I say and prefaces it with “And now welcome to the stage ______”. He calls them stripper names.

We will not be sharing the names we choose until after the babies are born. I have seen too many people get talked out of their favorite names by well meaning friends and family. If we choose a name, it’s done and we are not looking for approval. Hence no need to share until the names are attached to the babies!


12 weeks!!

Wow, we have FINALLY made it!! I know it seems even longer for Jessica, as she has been trying to reach this milestone for a lot longer than I have.  I am cruising right along, still no major problems.  The slight nausea I had is gone.  I feel as if I blew up overnight! I have already gained more weight than I had in mind, not a good start.  This seems to happen to me with every pregnancy.  Immediately my hips and butt just “expand”.  🙂 I know that I am eating a TON more than I normally do, so maybe that has something to do with it.  I am going to look through my “maternity stash” sometime this week and see what I need/don’t need.

I have spread the word to most of my extended family and friends and have gotten nothing but positive feedback from everyone!! It feels good to know that I am surrounded by loads of support. 🙂  We have an appointment on Wednesday at the Prenatal Diagnosis Center for some early testing.  And if the cards line up right we may even find out the sex of the babies then too!!! Can’t wait to see what they are.  Jessica and I are both thinking boy and girl.  Only time will tell……

Below is a “belly pic” of me at 12 weeks!  The babies are defiantly growing!!


I was realizing today that we have spent so much time and energy trying to get pregnant, I’m really having trouble believing we did it. Not only that, but we will never have to worry about cycling again. When something has been such a big part of your life for so long (18 months!) it’s hard to realize that you have attained the goal and can move forward.

I also realized that these will be the last babies we have. Where with Cass I knew I would have a chance to do it all again, this time will be IT. No more after this. It’s bittersweet really. When the twins are done with clothes or toys we will get rid of them (the clothes or toys!) instead of putting them away “for next time.”

This is the last time I get to pick baby names. I’m just thrilled that I get to pick 2! (4 if you count Hebrew names ;-)) This is the last time we get to choose baby furniture and nursery decorations. It all happened so fast with Cass (4 weeks!) that this time it feels like it’s taking forever.

I can do a lot of retail damage in 30 more weeks.


I’m so happy, I’m not even sure where to start. Ok, I’ll try to slow down.

Cass and I showed up in VA Monday afternoon. Cassidy had a GREAT time playing with her cousins (even told Scott about it when we got home last night)! K and I had an appointment on Tuesday, 8/17 to see the OB for the first time (and my first time meeting her). I had heard that most people either love or hate her so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. When the office called Tuesday morning to change the appt (cause Dr. B was in a delivery) I was kind of annoyed. Didn’t they know that I had traveled 200 miles to be there?  They rescheduled us for Wednesday morning.

I’ll skip the drama that involved my kid crying and then puking when I left her home with Uncle Matt 🙂

We waited to see the doctor for almost an hour. Picture me getting more annoyed. Then she came in and all was right with the world. She is VERY nice, answered all of my (sometimes ridiculous) questions and talked to us for about an hour (!). She did an u/s and took tons of pictures (“oh, that’s a good pose”) and then spent time showing us what we were looking at, doing measurements and just explaining everything so well.

There was nothing about the appointment that could have been better (well, except that she wants K to stay on the meds “for a while.” Sorry K!).

Some of the interesting things we learned:

  • we now have <5% chance of miscarriage
  • Dr. B has a great track record with twins and stopping pre term labor
  • she very rarely sends twins to the NICU (which would involve transferring to another hospital)
  • after 30 weeks K will have an u/s each week; after 36 weeks she’ll be monitored 2x per week
  • Baby A and Baby B can change depending on who is presenting first
  • delivery is all dependent on Baby A’s presentation
  • Dr. B had her third (last) child at age 40 and got her MBA at age 50 (I just thought that was interesting!)

I am just thrilled with how everything went and is going… Here is their most recent portrait:

10w2d - Baby A 10w3d, Baby B 9w6d

How I’m Feeling…..

I figured it was time for an update from me.  Today marks 9weeks 2 days, if I’m correct. Weird but I feel as if I should be at least 12 weeks…… time seems to be creeping by!! My belly is starting to bulge out some, probably a combination of meds and the fact that my muscles are nice a stretchy after 3 pregnancies. 🙂 I had to buy some clothes a few weeks ago- I’m not ready for maternity clothes, but can’t fit into my regular pants.

As far as how I have been feeling, nothing major except for I seem to be hungry every few hours and will randomly have a wave of slight nausea.  My pregnancies were very easy with no problems so I am expecting for this one to be the same.  When I first mentioned doing this for Jess, the first reaction from my family was “aren’t you afraid you’ll be attached to the baby/babies?” I wasn’t concerned at all, I know these are not my babies and that just makes the whole experience different from carrying my own. And now that I am officially pregnant and progressing, my family agrees too.  It’s just different.

Yes, I am pretty freaked out about having TWO babies in my belly. But I am sure I am not as freaked out as Scott and Jess, since they will be the ones taking them home! 🙂 I think I have the “easy” job. 🙂 🙂

I am looking forward to our appointment Tuesday. And hoping my OB says no more meds!! I am not a huge fan of pills, plus it will be nice to just have to take a prenatal every morning, and not a million other things. More after Tuesday…..

Third and final clinic u/s

This morning was our third and final clinic ultrasound. We have been released to the OB (appt on 8/17). First, we took K’s 6yo DS with us and K explained that she was carrying babies for Jess and Scott. He said “Babies? More than one? Good thing they are not coming home with us because that would be too many kids for our house!” Guess that’s better than him wanting to keep them!

We saw a different doctor who is not personable at all. He’s just kind of there…Anyway, he showed us both sacs (“not sure what’s going to happen to the little one”) and both heartbeats. He couldn’t tell me the measurements in weeks and days because “the machine isn’t set up for that.” And he didn’t want to measure the heart rates because “that requires heat and the babies don’t like heat so we don’t do it.” VERY strange man. So Baby A is measuring 1.67cm (or 16.7mm) and Baby B is 1.14cm (11.4mm). I’m pretty sure that translates to 8w1d and 7w2d. Not ideal, but everyone assures me they are both within normal range. Nothing to do but wait and see.

I also had dinner with another SMO’er last night – fun!