I’m so happy, I’m not even sure where to start. Ok, I’ll try to slow down.

Cass and I showed up in VA Monday afternoon. Cassidy had a GREAT time playing with her cousins (even told Scott about it when we got home last night)! K and I had an appointment on Tuesday, 8/17 to see the OB for the first time (and my first time meeting her). I had heard that most people either love or hate her so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. When the office called Tuesday morning to change the appt (cause Dr. B was in a delivery) I was kind of annoyed. Didn’t they know that I had traveled 200 miles to be there?  They rescheduled us for Wednesday morning.

I’ll skip the drama that involved my kid crying and then puking when I left her home with Uncle Matt 🙂

We waited to see the doctor for almost an hour. Picture me getting more annoyed. Then she came in and all was right with the world. She is VERY nice, answered all of my (sometimes ridiculous) questions and talked to us for about an hour (!). She did an u/s and took tons of pictures (“oh, that’s a good pose”) and then spent time showing us what we were looking at, doing measurements and just explaining everything so well.

There was nothing about the appointment that could have been better (well, except that she wants K to stay on the meds “for a while.” Sorry K!).

Some of the interesting things we learned:

  • we now have <5% chance of miscarriage
  • Dr. B has a great track record with twins and stopping pre term labor
  • she very rarely sends twins to the NICU (which would involve transferring to another hospital)
  • after 30 weeks K will have an u/s each week; after 36 weeks she’ll be monitored 2x per week
  • Baby A and Baby B can change depending on who is presenting first
  • delivery is all dependent on Baby A’s presentation
  • Dr. B had her third (last) child at age 40 and got her MBA at age 50 (I just thought that was interesting!)

I am just thrilled with how everything went and is going… Here is their most recent portrait:

10w2d - Baby A 10w3d, Baby B 9w6d


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