I am in shock I think. 12 weeks is such a milestone. There are so many ‘superstitions’ that don’t let you tell anyone you’re pregnant until after 3 months / 12 weeks / 1st trimester. And we are actually here! I am not naive enough to think that nothing bad can happen, but the odds are definitely in our favor from here on out. Scott had originally told me that he would start discussing names with me after 12 weeks. Of course last night he told me he meant 12 months, but whatever 🙂

I am more and more convinced we will find out the genders at our NT scan on Wednesday. I know it may not happen, but it’s exciting to think that before the end of this week we will know what we’re having! I will wait a while to get into the name conversation with Scott because I know he’s going to kill my naming excitement by hating everything I like (he thinks it’s funny). He takes every girl name I say and prefaces it with “And now welcome to the stage ______”. He calls them stripper names.

We will not be sharing the names we choose until after the babies are born. I have seen too many people get talked out of their favorite names by well meaning friends and family. If we choose a name, it’s done and we are not looking for approval. Hence no need to share until the names are attached to the babies!


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