12 weeks!!

Wow, we have FINALLY made it!! I know it seems even longer for Jessica, as she has been trying to reach this milestone for a lot longer than I have.  I am cruising right along, still no major problems.  The slight nausea I had is gone.  I feel as if I blew up overnight! I have already gained more weight than I had in mind, not a good start.  This seems to happen to me with every pregnancy.  Immediately my hips and butt just “expand”.  🙂 I know that I am eating a TON more than I normally do, so maybe that has something to do with it.  I am going to look through my “maternity stash” sometime this week and see what I need/don’t need.

I have spread the word to most of my extended family and friends and have gotten nothing but positive feedback from everyone!! It feels good to know that I am surrounded by loads of support. 🙂  We have an appointment on Wednesday at the Prenatal Diagnosis Center for some early testing.  And if the cards line up right we may even find out the sex of the babies then too!!! Can’t wait to see what they are.  Jessica and I are both thinking boy and girl.  Only time will tell……

Below is a “belly pic” of me at 12 weeks!  The babies are defiantly growing!!


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