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Babies in bellies

I just showed Cass the pictures K posted of her gorgeous belly. I said “Do you know whose belly that is?” Cass said “My belly.” I told her “No, that’s Aunt Kylene’s belly, that’s where your babies are growing.” Cass pulled up her shirt and said “I have babies in here.”

I have a feeling we are going to be hearing more about babies in bellies ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t wait to get back to VA and see K and her family again. Next time we’re there Scott and Cass will be with me and we’ll all get to see the babies again (and confirm that they are both going home in pink)!

20+ weeks to go!


16 weeks…

Not much to report besides the fact that my belly is growing! I am still feeling great, and I’m anxious for the 22 week ultrasounds so that we can see the babies again. My 2 older kids seem to be amazed by my “expanding” belly. They don’t remember much about my past pregnancies so it has been fun this time to see how excited they are, even though they know these babies aren’t ours. My son (6) keeps talking to my tummy and asking if the babies can hear him yet. And he can’ t wait to be able to see them kicking and moving around! Below are 2 pictures….

Boring is good

I have to keep remembering that. Uneventful is what we want. Boring means nothing bad is happening. This whole 9 month gestation thing is really drawn out. There’s lots of waiting and wondering and worrying (the 3 w’s?). We had 4 weeks notice before Cass was born and that was perfect; we were able to get what we needed, be excited for a couple weeks and then bam! the baby was here. This whole do nothing but wait for months is really stressful.

We had an OB appointment on Thursday. Doctor was in a delivery, but the nurse was really nice and was able to do everything that needed to be done (weight, heartbeats, questions). It was … nice, but boring. I guess I’m so used to seeing the babies each time that this was anti-climactic.

I had fun spending time with K and shopping for maternity clothes. She is showing now, but only if you know to look. I just can’t believe I won’t see her again for 8 weeks!! Our ‘big’ u/s is Nov 12 and by then she’ll *really* be showing!

So until then you can all wait and wonder with me (don’t bother worrying, it doesn’t do any good!) since I probably won’t have any updates. Just remember boring is good!

Dear Diary

I am the mother of 3 girls. I am the mother of 3 children: a preschool girl and twin girls yet to be born. I am responsible for the safety and well being of 3 other people (not quite yet, K is caring for the twins for another 6+ months – and doing a great job!).

We went for our Nuchal Translucency Scan on Wednesday (12w2d). The babies are both completely healthy and measuring perfectly. Baby A was 12w1d, heart rate 164, Baby B was 12w4d, heart rate 157. ย Both showed no signs of chromosomal abnormalities and both are girls (doctor was 90% certain). I was in serious, major, ‘that can’t be right’ shock. We were so sure there was at least 1 boy in there. Of course it’s not 100% until the 22 week scan, but I could tell the doctor was very sure.

The doctor thought that K and I were lesbians until I made a comment about my husband…he finally said “so what’s the deal here? I thought you were lesbians – which is fine – but now you’re talking about husbands…” It was amusing. Not so much when he asked K “so is this profitable for you cause I’m looking for a job for my wife…haha.” That was a little uncomfortable and inappropriate but we were on our way out the door at that point.

When I told Cassidy the babies were girls, she said “no mom, they are babies. I a girl.” So we are having babies, but not girls ๐Ÿ™‚

K’s oldest was even happier that 2 GIRLS are coming home with us. He already has 2 sisters and that’s enough for him!

Here is a 3D pic of both babies

3D looking down (like they are laying on their backs)

Here are the 2 “money shots” to be validated on 11/12 at our 22 weeks anatomy scan