Dear Diary

I am the mother of 3 girls. I am the mother of 3 children: a preschool girl and twin girls yet to be born. I am responsible for the safety and well being of 3 other people (not quite yet, K is caring for the twins for another 6+ months – and doing a great job!).

We went for our Nuchal Translucency Scan on Wednesday (12w2d). The babies are both completely healthy and measuring perfectly. Baby A was 12w1d, heart rate 164, Baby B was 12w4d, heart rate 157.  Both showed no signs of chromosomal abnormalities and both are girls (doctor was 90% certain). I was in serious, major, ‘that can’t be right’ shock. We were so sure there was at least 1 boy in there. Of course it’s not 100% until the 22 week scan, but I could tell the doctor was very sure.

The doctor thought that K and I were lesbians until I made a comment about my husband…he finally said “so what’s the deal here? I thought you were lesbians – which is fine – but now you’re talking about husbands…” It was amusing. Not so much when he asked K “so is this profitable for you cause I’m looking for a job for my wife…haha.” That was a little uncomfortable and inappropriate but we were on our way out the door at that point.

When I told Cassidy the babies were girls, she said “no mom, they are babies. I a girl.” So we are having babies, but not girls 🙂

K’s oldest was even happier that 2 GIRLS are coming home with us. He already has 2 sisters and that’s enough for him!

Here is a 3D pic of both babies

3D looking down (like they are laying on their backs)

Here are the 2 “money shots” to be validated on 11/12 at our 22 weeks anatomy scan




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