Boring is good

I have to keep remembering that. Uneventful is what we want. Boring means nothing bad is happening. This whole 9 month gestation thing is really drawn out. There’s lots of waiting and wondering and worrying (the 3 w’s?). We had 4 weeks notice before Cass was born and that was perfect; we were able to get what we needed, be excited for a couple weeks and then bam! the baby was here. This whole do nothing but wait for months is really stressful.

We had an OB appointment on Thursday. Doctor was in a delivery, but the nurse was really nice and was able to do everything that needed to be done (weight, heartbeats, questions). It was … nice, but boring. I guess I’m so used to seeing the babies each time that this was anti-climactic.

I had fun spending time with K and shopping for maternity clothes. She is showing now, but only if you know to look. I just can’t believe I won’t see her again for 8 weeks!! Our ‘big’ u/s is Nov 12 and by then she’ll *really* be showing!

So until then you can all wait and wonder with me (don’t bother worrying, it doesn’t do any good!) since I probably won’t have any updates. Just remember boring is good!


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