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Halfway There….

2o weeks today! nothing new to report, so i will just attach a photo. but i have to say, i look WAY BIGGER in person. must be the camera angle or something.



I never thought I would own a minivan. I never thought I would be a stay at home mom. I never thought I would have twins (well, until a year or so ago…). So many things that I never imagined are happening…

When we realized that we would have 3 car seats in our car for the foreseeable future (at least 6-8 years), we also realized the MDX wasn’t going to cut it. I configured, I moved things, I tried every way I could to make 3 car seats work. Not just work, really, because yes I can get 3 car seats across my back seat. But how would I get the children in and out of them? I was picturing Cassidy climbing over baby seats and me doing acrobatics to get everyone buckled. In the rain. And the snow. And the 100 degree heat. And I knew it wouldn’t work, not for us.

Understand that I LOVE my MDX. I adore it. It has everything I ever wanted and it’s beat to hell – but I did the beating. So I mourned for my car and my days of 1 car seat (Cass climbs in by herself, btw…). But then I moved on and we drove minivans. And you know what? They are pretty freakin’ cool! I’m still not thrilled about driving one. It looks so…ya know…soccer mom-ish, which just isn’t my thing (wasn’t my thing I guess…). But they have cool stuff and can certainly fit all 3 car seats in various configurations. Ours has buttons for all the doors to open AND close plus numerous other things.

So this is what our  ‘new normal’ looks like:


2011 Toyota Sienna


18 weeks

We had our 18 week appointment today. Nothing new to report, both babies are active and the OB found both heartbeats with no trouble. I am measuring 21 weeks, which she says is normal. So now we wait till 22 week ultrasound just to double check that everything is where it needs to be….and to double check that Scott and Jess will be having 2 girls!! 🙂

Below is a pic of my 18 week belly.  I took this in the morning, by the evening I feel like I am MUCH  bigger.

18 weeks (and 1 day)