I never thought I would own a minivan. I never thought I would be a stay at home mom. I never thought I would have twins (well, until a year or so ago…). So many things that I never imagined are happening…

When we realized that we would have 3 car seats in our car for the foreseeable future (at least 6-8 years), we also realized the MDX wasn’t going to cut it. I configured, I moved things, I tried every way I could to make 3 car seats work. Not just work, really, because yes I can get 3 car seats across my back seat. But how would I get the children in and out of them? I was picturing Cassidy climbing over baby seats and me doing acrobatics to get everyone buckled. In the rain. And the snow. And the 100 degree heat. And I knew it wouldn’t work, not for us.

Understand that I LOVE my MDX. I adore it. It has everything I ever wanted and it’s beat to hell – but I did the beating. So I mourned for my car and my days of 1 car seat (Cass climbs in by herself, btw…). But then I moved on and we drove minivans. And you know what? They are pretty freakin’ cool! I’m still not thrilled about driving one. It looks so…ya know…soccer mom-ish, which just isn’t my thing (wasn’t my thing I guess…). But they have cool stuff and can certainly fit all 3 car seats in various configurations. Ours has buttons for all the doors to open AND close plus numerous other things.

So this is what our  ‘new normal’ looks like:


2011 Toyota Sienna



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