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We had 2 appointments this past Monday, one with the OB and one for an ultrasound to check babies weights, cervix, etc.  Both were great, all good news!! I had to do the 3 hour Glucose test Tuesday morning, NOT fun. 🙂 I think the worst part was having to get up so early-having the kids on Christmas break has spoiled me!! I had a magazine to read so the time went by pretty fast, and I passed the test. The nurse said that my numbers weren’t even close to borderline. So, I must have just had too much sugar last weekend before my 1 hour test.    I am still feeling great!  A few pictures below, at 28 weeks 3 days



We weigh over 2lbs!!

Wow. What a great day! The OB appt was boring, just like it should be 🙂 Heartbeats are good, K is measuring 33 weeks and her weight is right on (don’t worry, K, I would never divulge that number in cyberspace!) Her cervix is doing great and she doesn’t need another u/s until 32 weeks.

We had an u/s that estimated the babies weigh 2lbs 4 oz (Baby A) and 2lbs 11oz (Baby B); A is head down and B is breech, but that’s ok cause A is the important one (but don’t ever tell her I said that!!). Please say lots of prayers that K’s 3 hour glucose comes back fine today. I would hate to have to hide all the cookies while Kylene and her family are in town!

As soon as the holidays are over we will be setting up the nursery. The bedding is here and the furniture should be ordered this week. This is really IT!!!

ETA: Prayers worked – K passed the 3 hour with flying colors.. let the cookie eating begin 🙂

Getting nervous…

So I’m starting to get nervous about this whole ‘2 babies’ thing. The more people that say “you’re going to have help, right?”, the more I wonder if I’m crazy to do this “alone.” “Alone” being me, Scott, and the occasional friend or family member. My big problem is that I’m a control freak. I want things done my way and if they’re not I *may* throw a tantrum. Yes, I know this about myself.

Hiring someone is really not feasible because, contrary to popular opinion, we are not rich IPs (surrogacy joke…). But seriously, with me not working, Cass going to school, AND 2 more humans to clothe and feed, things are going to be tight as it is. That’s not to say that we can’t ever get a sitter, but it’s not going to be a common occurrence.

But, others have done it – raised twins without help. And what’s the worst that can happen? I’ll be a zombie until they start sleeping through the night. The only real issue is Cass and I will have to make the extra effort to stay awake when she’s home 🙂 I just have to remember that it won’t last forever. So if you don’t hear from me for a while, just assume I’m sleeping!