Getting nervous…

So I’m starting to get nervous about this whole ‘2 babies’ thing. The more people that say “you’re going to have help, right?”, the more I wonder if I’m crazy to do this “alone.” “Alone” being me, Scott, and the occasional friend or family member. My big problem is that I’m a control freak. I want things done my way and if they’re not I *may* throw a tantrum. Yes, I know this about myself.

Hiring someone is really not feasible because, contrary to popular opinion, we are not rich IPs (surrogacy joke…). But seriously, with me not working, Cass going to school, AND 2 more humans to clothe and feed, things are going to be tight as it is. That’s not to say that we can’t ever get a sitter, but it’s not going to be a common occurrence.

But, others have done it – raised twins without help. And what’s the worst that can happen? I’ll be a zombie until they start sleeping through the night. The only real issue is Cass and I will have to make the extra effort to stay awake when she’s home 🙂 I just have to remember that it won’t last forever. So if you don’t hear from me for a while, just assume I’m sleeping!



  1. Tanyia Montgomery Said:

    Here’s what I have learned so far: get them on a routine as quickly as possible! Besides family coming over a bit at the beginning, I’ve been doing this by myself as well. For me, I think it is easier doing it yourself (in the long run). What I have learned is that when people come over to help, things don’t get done the way YOU would do it and the routine is harder to establish. Well that is just my 2 cents 🙂 Things are starting to get a little easier here. The first 2 or 3 months is the hardest! I’ve now got the boys eating at the same time, morning and afternoon nap at the same time, and bedtime at the same time!! Yay!!! Now if I could only get Chase to sleep all night……..
    Good luck 🙂 Life with twins is crazy and chaotic, but sooooooo much fun!!


    • Jessica Said:

      Thanks Tanyia! I’m hoping it will be only be that first few months of craziness and then things will calm down. I’m all about schedules!! I can’t wait for the fun too 🙂

      • Sue Said:

        Better is a word you need to forget, It just gets different. From one control freak to another. You will lighten up on that front, believe me. Schedules are a good idea but be prepared to revise at any given moment We plan they laugh:) Think of yourself as a cruise director, when you have help you explain what you need and when you don’t you do what you can. The first feeling is looking down at 2 babies and seeing 4 been there done that/

        But you and Scott will give them all the love they need and that is what will matter mist

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