We weigh over 2lbs!!

Wow. What a great day! The OB appt was boring, just like it should be 🙂 Heartbeats are good, K is measuring 33 weeks and her weight is right on (don’t worry, K, I would never divulge that number in cyberspace!) Her cervix is doing great and she doesn’t need another u/s until 32 weeks.

We had an u/s that estimated the babies weigh 2lbs 4 oz (Baby A) and 2lbs 11oz (Baby B); A is head down and B is breech, but that’s ok cause A is the important one (but don’t ever tell her I said that!!). Please say lots of prayers that K’s 3 hour glucose comes back fine today. I would hate to have to hide all the cookies while Kylene and her family are in town!

As soon as the holidays are over we will be setting up the nursery. The bedding is here and the furniture should be ordered this week. This is really IT!!!

ETA: Prayers worked – K passed the 3 hour with flying colors.. let the cookie eating begin 🙂



  1. Rebekah Said:

    What a WONDERFUL and fun update to read!! Yay for happy healthy good sized babies!!!

  2. sue martin Said:

    It was a great day! You are doing a wonderful job. Dad and I hope we can help out after and before the babies are born. Everything seems to be in place. I love the choice of the bedding and other baby items. Cassidy will love those beautiful babies

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