We had 2 appointments this past Monday, one with the OB and one for an ultrasound to check babies weights, cervix, etc.  Both were great, all good news!! I had to do the 3 hour Glucose test Tuesday morning, NOT fun. 🙂 I think the worst part was having to get up so early-having the kids on Christmas break has spoiled me!! I had a magazine to read so the time went by pretty fast, and I passed the test. The nurse said that my numbers weren’t even close to borderline. So, I must have just had too much sugar last weekend before my 1 hour test.    I am still feeling great!  A few pictures below, at 28 weeks 3 days




  1. Angela Said:

    Your belly is perfect!!!!!!

  2. sue martin Said:

    your doing a terrific job. thank you again for all your patience and giving of yurself andfamily to give Scott and Jess and the rest of the family such a wonderful gift.. I love little Cassidy and this will add to the fun.

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