I think I’m in shock that we are 30 weeks pregnant. This is it. This is the last 10 (likely less) weeks. At this point in Cassidy’s gestation, we didn’t even know she was coming home with us and yet I feel like we don’t have enough time to get everything done! 🙂

I have the bedding here at the house and the new diaper bag (my treat to me). We have ordered the furniture. New carpet is coming Tuesday. I need to choose a paint color for the room and start painting. Of course none of that really matters. We need to get 1 more car seat and pull out the newborn clothes and then we’re ready to go. I suppose we should get some bottles too… I picked out birth announcements (well, actually, I couldn’t find any I like so I found someone to design them). I’ll print the labels and have the envelopes ready in the next couple weeks. I do want to find something nice and sort of matchy to bring them home from the hospital in, but I’ll have time to shop in the next few weeks…

I think I’m in that nesting mode that I’ve never really known before. Sadly for Scott it’s not leading to cleaning, just buying 🙂


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  1. Shana Said:

    Oh honey, you’re nesting, because it’s the only thing you CAN do! If you search back in my (now way too quiet) blog back to before the twins were born, the nesting was REALLY bad. It was HILARIOUS too.

    You’re going to need some preemie clothes to bring them home. I was shocked at that and totally unprepared, and somehow thought the stuff that was roomy on my nearly 9 pound baby would magically fit my 6 pound twins to come home in. So I was shopping at the mall across the street from the hospital between feedings. (And enjoying the comments on how AWESOME I loooked considering I just had newborn twins.) You won’t need micropreemie, thank god, just the regular preemie/newborn 5-8 pound stuff. They sell very cute soft sleepers at Macys, Little Me brand, and also Gymboree has adorable super soft stuff. I have sleepers you can borrow too that have made the rounds to a few SMO moms. Just for a few weeks until they’re big enough to move into 0-3 comfortably without drowning in them.

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