We are so close

Deanna and I spent a good part of last week shopping for baby clothes and stuff. I feel confident the babies won’t be naked on the way home now. We bought the paint and I’m just waiting for Scott to be ready to use it. Scott and I ordered the dresser this weekend and our source for the cribs says they can be picked up any time. Things are really coming together. I’m going to pack the babies’ bag and take it to leave at K’s this week when I go for the OB appt.

Yesterday Cass and I visited with a friend who had her baby last month. As she was telling me about going into labor I realized that’s going to happen to us (well to K really!). As many birth stories as I’ve heard/read I have never been a part of “OMG. I think this is IT!” I can’t even imagine how exciting it is to realize that you are going to meet your babies NOW. I just hope and pray that everything goes well and I am there and K has an easy delivery (two deliveries?).

Tomorrow we’ll find out the new measurements (babies and cervix) and then Friday is the OB appt so she can tell us what it all means. It’s weird to make appointments (doctor, hair, etc) and know that the babies will be here by then…


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