Trying to remain calm

I feel like I have a lot to say, but it’s all jumbled in my head.

Last Friday we had an u/s and OB appt. Everything is still right on track. Babies are measuring 4lbs and 5lbs, A still head down (and so low it’s almost impossible for her to flip now) B is still breech (and practically sitting on her sister’s head!). The u/s dr mentioned 37 weeks, but Dr B dismissed that as “they don’t know” and I’m sure they don’t. It would just be so nice to have an idea…

K goes back to Dr B on Tuesday and then I’ll be in town from 2/14 on. I’ll be staying at Scott’s Aunt’s house (K’s MIL) so that I don’t hover (Deanna made me promise :)) I really don’t want to hover and I swear I’ll never say “do you feel anything?” because I know Kylene  will tell me if she feels anything! It’s just a dumb question! Cass will stay home with Scott and we’ll meet up halfway on the weekend(s). It’s a plan for now but I know I’ll have to be flexible (my downfall!)

The babies’ room is painted but we are waiting on the cribs to do anything else because we are just not sure where/how they are going to fit. Once again I ordered too much furniture!

I am going to spend this week packing and getting ready for the gala this weekend. The timing of everything is just crazy!

As I drove home from VA last night I thought that this could be the last time I drive north without the babies. CRAZY!!


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