So here I am…

…in Virginia, waiting for the girls to make their appearance(s). I can’t even believe K is 36 weeks pregnant today. It’s been the longest and shortest 36 weeks EVER! We have an OB appt tomorrow and hopefully will get a better idea of how much longer it will be. No worries, I won’t be pushing for scheduling anything. Just curious what the doctor’s gut feeling is. I am staying with K’s in-laws (who are Scott’s aunt and uncle) and we are all relieved that I am close enough to make even the quickest labor and delivery now.

The nursery is ready except for cribs which should be coming home any day. But the bassinet is ready and the dresser and all the laundry is done…Car seats are in the van; babies bag is here. I think we are as ready as we can be. Can you really be ready for 2 newborns?


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