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Alison and Rebecca’s Birth….

Jessica and I met Tuesday morning at the OB’s office. I had been having some slight cramping and lots of Braxton Hicks over the past week or so but nothing major at all that signaled to me labor was on the way. We were both excited when the nurse asked me to undress for the cervical check!! J Dr. B. checked me and said “well, you’re a good 3cm”. Wow!! I had never been dilated before with my own kids (before going into labor) so this was new for me. She told us to go on over to the hospital to be monitored (we were headed over there anyway for a NST) and see if I was having contractions or not. So after a quick Starbucks run and several phone calls I was hooked up to the monitor to see what was going on. My contractions were all over the place yet I still felt nothing! The nurse “warned” us that lots of women walk around dilated for weeks (I think she could tell we were both pretty excited about the possibility of the babies being born that day). After about 2 hours of lying in bed being monitored, Dr. B. arrived and checked me again. I was 4cm!!  I was still in shock because I had yet to have a painful contraction. She told me to walk around some and see if we could get things moving more. So we walked the halls then came back to be checked again. This time my water broke as Dr. B was checking me. So after that I FINALLY started to feel contractions! We did more walking and sitting and around 5pm I got the epidural. J J J Now it was just a matter of time. Somewhere around now my mom showed up to join us in waiting. Around 6:30 Dr. B. checked me again and declared me “fully dilated”. This was it!! We had to go to the operating room (standard procedure for twins), another new experience for me. So as soon as I was declared ready for delivery, people started showing up from everywhere. After about 10 min or so of “prep work”, they said it was time. I had thought that I wouldn’t get too upset but just as they were getting ready to wheel me away I got all teary. We had waited so long (and Jess had an even longer wait) for this moment and it was finally here. Once in the operating room, I was moved to the operating table. There were nurses and doctors all around us and the all looked the same! (at least 13, maybe more…)I looked around for Jess and saw her standing by the door. They gave her a chair at my head and I heard them say they would “work around her”. J I am not sure what time it was but would say probably around 6:55 (because it happened SO FAST) I was told to push. With my first push Dr., B. said “that’s all you can do???” After maybe 3 pushes Allison was born. Jess and I were both crying like crazy!!! The nurse took Alison right away to be examined and then it was time to get Baby B out. Dr. B. had already warned me that she may have to reach in and get her since she was breech. And that’s exactly what she did. I could tell by the look on her face that she was not happy, and I started to get a little concerned. I could feel/see her pulling around in my belly, and then she got the feet out. However, as she reached for a towel, Baby B tried to pull her feet back in and I heard Dr. B say “no, no, no!!!”  Then she asked for (or more like yelled for) nitroglycerine-I had no clue what this was or who it was for. A nurse said “open your mouth” so I did. They sprayed it under my tongue and within seconds Rebecca was pulled all the way out. (Apparently I was having a contraction which was preventing Dr. B. from being able to get Rebecca out; the nitro was used to “relax” my uterus enough so that she could get her out). She didn’t cry right away and I could hear Jess saying “why isn’t she crying???” Then she started to cry-what a relief!  Alison Jamie was born at 6:57 and weighed 5lb1oz. Rebecca Riley was born at 6:59 and weighed 6lb5oz.


When I read Jessica’s email last Christmas saying how they weren’t sure of the future I just knew-this was something I wanted to do. And it couldn’t have worked out any better. It has been so much fun getting to know Jessica and her family better. I look forward to seeing the twins grow and am so happy to have been a part of this.

(I have not pictures to share because I forgot my camera!!)


We’ve come a long way….

I cannot believe we have made it to 37 weeks!! When we first found out it was twins, I must admit I was a little concerned about how the “end” of the pregnancy would be. I had read/heard lots of “horror” stories about twin pregnancies and all the added complications that come with it. But I have to say, this pregnancy really hasn’t been any  different than my singleton ones, with just a few minor differences. For instance, my belly is MUCH bigger this time around. The only other trouble I have had, and this just started a week or so ago, is sleeping.  I usually sleep no longer than 2 hours at a time before I have to do a bathroom run or turn to the other side due to muscle aches. And Tums have been part of my nights as well. 🙂

Below are pics of my very LOW and very ROUND belly.

In the home stretch….

Today marks 34 weeks.  The end  is in sight!!! We are all excited for these last few weeks, me to finally be able to bend over again and Scott, Jess, and Cassidy to meet their baby girls.  I am so happy/relieved so far that this pregnancy has been so easy and drama free.  If the babies can stay put for 2 more weeks it will be smooth sailing (hopefully!!). 🙂 We have an Ultrasound on Friday to check babies weights and my cervix and then an OB appointment that afternoon.

Belly pics below, at exactly 34 weeks. Excuse the blue pants, they are bright but COMFY. 🙂 🙂

Not much longer…

30 weeks….only 10 more weeks at the most and the little girls will be here!! A few pics below, my son took them. 🙂 the one is red shirt is around 28 weeks, the purple shirt is today at 30 weeks.

We had 2 appointments this past Monday, one with the OB and one for an ultrasound to check babies weights, cervix, etc.  Both were great, all good news!! I had to do the 3 hour Glucose test Tuesday morning, NOT fun. 🙂 I think the worst part was having to get up so early-having the kids on Christmas break has spoiled me!! I had a magazine to read so the time went by pretty fast, and I passed the test. The nurse said that my numbers weren’t even close to borderline. So, I must have just had too much sugar last weekend before my 1 hour test.    I am still feeling great!  A few pictures below, at 28 weeks 3 days


are we really at 24???

so far this pregnancy has been just as easy/uncomplicated as my other 3 have been.  I do feel like I am carrying “lower” than before, but maybe it’s just me.  I feel the girls moving/kicking all the time, especially in the evening after I get my kids to bed and finally sit down and put my feet up. My kids keep commenting on my “fat belly” and how big it is getting. I keep reminding them that it will only get BIGGER in the next few months.

Last weekend Scott, Jess, and Cassidy came down for the “big” ultrasound.  The kids had so much fun playing together!! We went out one night with NO KIDS-it was so fun to just relax and enjoy dinner…..and there were some fun surprises too!! 🙂 🙂 We are all looking forward to spending more time together over Christmas.  And my kids can’t wait to see where Cassidy lives.

Here are a few pictures of my ever growing belly…..and yes, the bathroom is BRIGHT green….it’s the kids bathroom.

Halfway There….

2o weeks today! nothing new to report, so i will just attach a photo. but i have to say, i look WAY BIGGER in person. must be the camera angle or something.

18 weeks

We had our 18 week appointment today. Nothing new to report, both babies are active and the OB found both heartbeats with no trouble. I am measuring 21 weeks, which she says is normal. So now we wait till 22 week ultrasound just to double check that everything is where it needs to be….and to double check that Scott and Jess will be having 2 girls!! 🙂

Below is a pic of my 18 week belly.  I took this in the morning, by the evening I feel like I am MUCH  bigger.

18 weeks (and 1 day)

16 weeks…

Not much to report besides the fact that my belly is growing! I am still feeling great, and I’m anxious for the 22 week ultrasounds so that we can see the babies again. My 2 older kids seem to be amazed by my “expanding” belly. They don’t remember much about my past pregnancies so it has been fun this time to see how excited they are, even though they know these babies aren’t ours. My son (6) keeps talking to my tummy and asking if the babies can hear him yet. And he can’ t wait to be able to see them kicking and moving around! Below are 2 pictures….

12 weeks!!

Wow, we have FINALLY made it!! I know it seems even longer for Jessica, as she has been trying to reach this milestone for a lot longer than I have.  I am cruising right along, still no major problems.  The slight nausea I had is gone.  I feel as if I blew up overnight! I have already gained more weight than I had in mind, not a good start.  This seems to happen to me with every pregnancy.  Immediately my hips and butt just “expand”.  🙂 I know that I am eating a TON more than I normally do, so maybe that has something to do with it.  I am going to look through my “maternity stash” sometime this week and see what I need/don’t need.

I have spread the word to most of my extended family and friends and have gotten nothing but positive feedback from everyone!! It feels good to know that I am surrounded by loads of support. 🙂  We have an appointment on Wednesday at the Prenatal Diagnosis Center for some early testing.  And if the cards line up right we may even find out the sex of the babies then too!!! Can’t wait to see what they are.  Jessica and I are both thinking boy and girl.  Only time will tell……

Below is a “belly pic” of me at 12 weeks!  The babies are defiantly growing!!

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