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We’ve come a long way….

I cannot believe we have made it to 37 weeks!! When we first found out it was twins, I must admit I was a little concerned about how the “end” of the pregnancy would be. I had read/heard lots of “horror” stories about twin pregnancies and all the added complications that come with it. But I have to say, this pregnancy really hasn’t been any  different than my singleton ones, with just a few minor differences. For instance, my belly is MUCH bigger this time around. The only other trouble I have had, and this just started a week or so ago, is sleeping.  I usually sleep no longer than 2 hours at a time before I have to do a bathroom run or turn to the other side due to muscle aches. And Tums have been part of my nights as well. 🙂

Below are pics of my very LOW and very ROUND belly.


In the home stretch….

Today marks 34 weeks.  The end  is in sight!!! We are all excited for these last few weeks, me to finally be able to bend over again and Scott, Jess, and Cassidy to meet their baby girls.  I am so happy/relieved so far that this pregnancy has been so easy and drama free.  If the babies can stay put for 2 more weeks it will be smooth sailing (hopefully!!). 🙂 We have an Ultrasound on Friday to check babies weights and my cervix and then an OB appointment that afternoon.

Belly pics below, at exactly 34 weeks. Excuse the blue pants, they are bright but COMFY. 🙂 🙂

Not much longer…

30 weeks….only 10 more weeks at the most and the little girls will be here!! A few pics below, my son took them. 🙂 the one is red shirt is around 28 weeks, the purple shirt is today at 30 weeks.

We had 2 appointments this past Monday, one with the OB and one for an ultrasound to check babies weights, cervix, etc.  Both were great, all good news!! I had to do the 3 hour Glucose test Tuesday morning, NOT fun. 🙂 I think the worst part was having to get up so early-having the kids on Christmas break has spoiled me!! I had a magazine to read so the time went by pretty fast, and I passed the test. The nurse said that my numbers weren’t even close to borderline. So, I must have just had too much sugar last weekend before my 1 hour test.    I am still feeling great!  A few pictures below, at 28 weeks 3 days


are we really at 24???

so far this pregnancy has been just as easy/uncomplicated as my other 3 have been.  I do feel like I am carrying “lower” than before, but maybe it’s just me.  I feel the girls moving/kicking all the time, especially in the evening after I get my kids to bed and finally sit down and put my feet up. My kids keep commenting on my “fat belly” and how big it is getting. I keep reminding them that it will only get BIGGER in the next few months.

Last weekend Scott, Jess, and Cassidy came down for the “big” ultrasound.  The kids had so much fun playing together!! We went out one night with NO KIDS-it was so fun to just relax and enjoy dinner…..and there were some fun surprises too!! 🙂 🙂 We are all looking forward to spending more time together over Christmas.  And my kids can’t wait to see where Cassidy lives.

Here are a few pictures of my ever growing belly…..and yes, the bathroom is BRIGHT green….it’s the kids bathroom.

Halfway There….

2o weeks today! nothing new to report, so i will just attach a photo. but i have to say, i look WAY BIGGER in person. must be the camera angle or something.

18 weeks

We had our 18 week appointment today. Nothing new to report, both babies are active and the OB found both heartbeats with no trouble. I am measuring 21 weeks, which she says is normal. So now we wait till 22 week ultrasound just to double check that everything is where it needs to be….and to double check that Scott and Jess will be having 2 girls!! 🙂

Below is a pic of my 18 week belly.  I took this in the morning, by the evening I feel like I am MUCH  bigger.

18 weeks (and 1 day)

16 weeks…

Not much to report besides the fact that my belly is growing! I am still feeling great, and I’m anxious for the 22 week ultrasounds so that we can see the babies again. My 2 older kids seem to be amazed by my “expanding” belly. They don’t remember much about my past pregnancies so it has been fun this time to see how excited they are, even though they know these babies aren’t ours. My son (6) keeps talking to my tummy and asking if the babies can hear him yet. And he can’ t wait to be able to see them kicking and moving around! Below are 2 pictures….