Third and final clinic u/s

This morning was our third and final clinic ultrasound. We have been released to the OB (appt on 8/17). First, we took K’s 6yo DS with us and K explained that she was carrying babies for Jess and Scott. He said “Babies? More than one? Good thing they are not coming home with us because that would be too many kids for our house!” Guess that’s better than him wanting to keep them!

We saw a different doctor who is not personable at all. He’s just kind of there…Anyway, he showed us both sacs (“not sure what’s going to happen to the little one”) and both heartbeats. He couldn’t tell me the measurements in weeks and days because “the machine isn’t set up for that.” And he didn’t want to measure the heart rates because “that requires heat and the babies don’t like heat so we don’t do it.” VERY strange man. So Baby A is measuring 1.67cm (or 16.7mm) and Baby B is 1.14cm (11.4mm). I’m pretty sure that translates to 8w1d and 7w2d. Not ideal, but everyone assures me they are both within normal range. Nothing to do but wait and see.

I also had dinner with another SMO’er last night – fun!



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